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Barnard-Columbia Chorus & Chamber Choir
CU Guitar Ensemble (MUSI1598 SECTION 003)
Jazz Ensembles (Various)
Columbia University Orchestra (CUO, MUSI V1591)
Duo Piano
Japanese Gagaku Ensemble (MUSI V1625 Section 002)
Japanese Hogaku Ensemble (MUSIV1625 Section 005)
Latin American Music Ensemble (MUSI V1625 Section 004)
Barnard-Columbia Chamber Singers. MUSI V1595-V1596
African American Music (AFAS W3030/MUSI 83030, Fall 2012) AFAS W3030 (MUSI 83030 crosslisted)
NEW COURSE: Popular Music and Protest Movements (AFASW4031/MUSI 8031) AFAS W4031
Asian Humanities: Musics of India & West Asia (AHMM V3321y Fall 2014) AHMM V3321y
"Masterpieces of Western Music" ("Music Humanities" W1123, Fall 2014) HUMA W1123
Advanced Seminar in Ethnomusicology: Performance: Theory and Ethnography MUSI - G####
Tonal Analysis MUSI - G4360
New Course for Fall 2013: Music and Rituals in East Asian Traditions (EALAC W3960) MUSI 83960
Sound: The Sacred, The Secular MUSI G4030
Music and Childhood MUSI G4130
Approaches to Classical Form MUSI G4330
Analysis of Tonal Music MUSI G4360
Field Methods & Techniques in Ethnomusicology for Undergrads (MUSI G4401, Fall 2014) MUSI G4401
NEW COURSE: Post-1965 Jazz (MUSIC G4467, New for Fall 2013) MUSI G44467
NEW COURSE: Music and Place (MUSI G4461, Fall 2012) MUSI G4461
Proseminar in Historical Musicology (MUSI G6105, Fall 2012) MUSI G6105
Music and the Critique of Modernity (New Grad Seminar for Spring 2012) MUSI G6135
NEW SEMINAR: Jazz and Film (MUSI G6200, Fall 2012) MUSI G6200
Introduction to the History of Music Theory (MUSI G6300, Fall 2012) MUSI G6300
Introduction to Set Theory (MUSI G6302, Fall 2012) MUSI G6302
18th Century Counterpoint MUSI G6330
Proseminar in Music Theory (MUSI G6333, Fal 2012) MUSI G6333
Advanced Orchestration MUSI G6371
Graduate Course for Fall 2011: Music Since 1900 MUSI G6379
Music Since 1900-II: After 1945 MUSI G6380
Analysis of Popular Music (Graduate Seminar) MUSI G6385
Musical Interactivity (Grad Seminar) MUSI G6401
MUSI G6411 Proseminar in Ethnomusicology I MUSI G6411-6412
MUSI G6412 Proseminar in Ethnomusicology II: Contemporary Ethnography MUSI G6412
The Politics of Desire in Latin America (New Grad Seminar for Fall 2010) MUSI G6425
NEW SEMINAR: Music, Myth, and Indigeneity (MUSI G6427, Fall 2012) MUSI G6427
Computer Music I MUSI G6610
Basic Electroacousics MUSI G6610 - 6602
Individual Projects in Music Philosophy I MUSI G8096 Sec. 005
Individual Projects in Ethnomusicology I MUSI G8096, Sec. 001
Individual Projects in Historical Musicology I MUSI G8096, Sec. 002
Individual Projects in Music Cognition I MUSI G8096, Sec. 004
Individual Projects in Historical Musicology II MUSI G8097, Sec. 002
Individual Projects in Music Theory II MUSI G8097, Sec. 003
Individual Projects in Music Cognition II MUSI G8097, Sec. 004
Individual Projects in Music Philosophy II MUSI G8097, Sec. 005
Seminar in Historical Musicology: Sound and Image in The Middle Ages (Fall 2013) MUSI G8101