The Music Minor at Barnard College

The Minor in Music, which must be undertaken while also doing a Major in another department (or a combined or special major), provides a student with the experience of doing sustained and advanced work within the field of music.

The Minor in Music can be elected at any time up to graduation; however, in practice a student should confer with the departmental consultant to plan her program well before the beginning of her senior year.


No prerequisites are specified for the Minor. However, all of the courses that the student will take carry their own prerequisites.


Students must choose courses from three categories:
aEUC/ four terms of Music Theory: see Music Theory Courses
aEUC/ four terms of Ear-training: see Music Theory Courses
aEUC/ two terms of Music History (i.e. V3123-V3126):
A A see Music History Courses

The individual courses to be taken are not specified.
Up to two of the courses taken for the Music Minor may count also toward the distribution requirement.

Courses in which a grade of D or lower has been received do not count toward the Minor requirement.