Undergraduate Independent Study and Honors in Music

There are three means of carrying your studies in music beyond current undergraduate course offerings: (1) Independent Study; (2) Senior Project; and (3) Departmental Honors. All require prior agreement with the Department of Music concerned. The third of these carries restrictions, as noted below.


This is available to students in Barnard College (but not to count toward the major), Columbia College, and The School of General Studies:

V3998x-V3999y Supervised Independent Study. 1, 2, or 3 pts.

The student must develop a plan of study with a faculty supervisor and then obtain the approval of the Department. Ordinarily, only seniors are allowed to register. A creative/scholarly project conducted under faculty supervision, leading to completion of an essay, composition, or the equivalent.



This is available only to Barnard College students, and is of two types. Barnard College Music majors are required to do a Senior Project.

BC3990 Senior Project: Research for Music. 3 pts. Independent study for research and writing.

BC3991 Senior Project: Music Repertory. 3 pts. Independent study for preparing and performing repertory works to be presented in concert.

BC3992 Senior Seminar for Music Majors: ALL Barnard Music majors (including Ethnomusicology track majors) are expected to take this seminar in their senior year, or in some cases in the spring semester of their junior year.  This seminar is also open to students in CC and GS doing honors research in their senior year.


Music majors in Columbia College and General Studies, with a minimum grade point average of 3.6 in departmental courses, may apply to the Director of Undergraduate Studies in the first term of his or her senior year to be considered as a candidate for departmental honors. A written proposal must be submitted to an appropriate faculty advisor no later than two weeks before the last day of classes of the student's penultimate (usually autumn) term, in order to register for W3996-Honors research in the final (usually spring) term. Honors research is taken in addition to the ordinary requirements for the major. In Columbia College and the School of General Studies, honors will be awarded to no more than 10 percent of graduating music majors for the distinguished completion of this project and maintenance of a 3.6 departmental grade point average.

C3995: Honors Research (Columbia College only). 3 pts.

W3996: Honors Research (School of General Studies only). 3 pts.

A creative/scholarly project conducted under faculty supervision, leading to completion of an honors essay, composition, or the equivalent.

Open only to honors candidates in music: see the Columbia College Bulletin, "Departmental Honors", or School of General Studies Bulletin, "Departmental and School Honors", for eligibility requirements.