Christopher Dylan Bailey


"...a truly original voice in new music" -- Fouter & Swick

  1. May 4 2013: Collide-o-Scope Music's Walls & Lattices extravaganza at the Cell Theatre. Featuring a number of short compositions by myself, Cenk Ergun, Lou Bunk, Elizabeth Adams, and many others.

  2. April 26 2013: Composition for S#|^^y Piano, Processing, Drum Samples, and Concrete Sounds will be performed at the Bellingham Electronic Arts Festival in Bellingham, WA. Featuring Shiau-Uen Ding on the S|#TT[^y Piano.

  3. April 18 2013: My work Mergurs Ehd Ffleweh Bq Nsolst will be performed on the MATA Festival in NYC, with Sukato, Meredith Borden, the Meitar Ensemble and video by Charles Woodman. Thursday, April 18, at 7:30 PM, Roulette (509 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn). Note: 7:30 PM, NOT 8 PM!!!

  4. My recent album Immolation Ritual on the Innova Records label. The album features 8 tracks with stunning performances of pieces new and old. (Click on the titles that follow to hear excerpts.) (The album can be purchased from the Innova site. Wider availability, including iTunes, NAXOS, Amazon, etc., as of October 26, 2010.)

I try to mostly write pieces for specific performers who will play them. But occasionally I stray from the practical into a land of visionary possibility, and write things without knowing who will play them. Here are some recent pieces that I'm looking for performers for:
  1. Dream Mornings. This is a vibrant orchestra piece, not too hard, though for a big ensemble (I think it's arrangeable for a smaller one if that would interest you).
  2. Mask of Mandragora for 3 percussion. Lots o' textures and colors. Setup and score.

In 2007, I released an album of piano music, featuring my works Balladei and Sonata, fantastically performed by Shiau-Uen Ding, and Jacob Rhodebeck. You can purchase it here.

In 2005, I was part of a competition in Korea, and was asked to talk about my work Timelash, that talk is now online.

Long ago (2002-2004) the Electric Music Collective released two albums, Incandescence, which features my works Ow, My Head and Duude, (purchase it here), and Defiant, which features my works Ooogaah: Dungeony Specimen Spaceship, and Conceptual Study, and is also available for purchase from

If you'd like to chat, drop an e-mail to chris @@a@t@ music.columbia_ddott_edu. (Ye who are not spam-bots, translate that appropriately. . .)