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what is current musicology?

Current Musicology (CM) is a leading forum for scholarly music research, seeking to reflect the forefront of thought in historical musicology, ethnomusicology, and music theory, as well as music cognition, philosophy of music, and interdisciplinary studies.

CM was founded in 1965 by graduate students at Columbia University as a semiannual review that would primarily serve the needs of musicologists who are about to undertake, are presently engaged in, or have recently completed their graduate studies. From its inception, the aim of the journal was to publish short articles of research, criticism, and opinion, predominantly by younger authors.

The term 'musicology' in the journal's title is to be understood in the broadest sense possible. The wide scope of the journal is evident in special issues devoted to specific topics, in the broad range of scholarship encouraged, and in the variety of books reviewed.

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in the current issue: number 91/Spring 2011

       The 1990s "Kutaisi Wave": Music and Youth Movement in a Postindustrial Periphery

       "On stage, everyone loves a Black": Afro-Ukrainian Folk Fusion, Migration, and Racial Identity in Ukraine

       Here Be Dogs: Documenting the visual culture of the Czech indie scene

       From the Center in the Middle: Working Tambura Bands and the Construction of the In-Between in Croatia and its Intimates

call for submissions:

The Editors of Current Musicology are actively seeking submissions. Issue 93 (spring 2012) will be a special issue devoted to contemporary critical race theory and music scholarship. We also welcome general submissions for upccoming issues.

In keeping with the journal’s long tradition of interdisciplinary publication, Current Musicology seeks to publish music scholarship from all perspectives, using the full spectrum of methodologies, such as historical musicology, music theory, ethnomusicology, popular music studies, media and technology studies, cultural studies, music education, and related fields. Additionally, submissions that critically apply interdisciplinary approaches, as well as scholarship in which sound is central to the topic, are also strongly encouraged. While the journal encourages submissions from senior and advanced scholars, we are especially committed to supporting and publishing the work of graduate students and other scholars early in their careers.

Current Musicology is proud to participate in the annual Columbia Music Scholarship Conference. Each year, CM publishes the best papers from this graduate student conference. Please refer to the CMSC website for more information.

For information regarding how to submit an article, please refer to our instructions for contributors.