mus 316 assignment one

LaMonte Young - excerpt from The Well Tuned Piano
Wendy Carlos - Timesteps
Stockhausen - Gesange Der Junglinge
Ikue Mori - Quetzalcoatl #1
Autechre - Yulquen

Listen to these tracks (use headphones or studio laptop speakers!). They are from the syllabus listening examples, spaced throughout the semester (so we'll be revisiting some of them later). Choose one and write a critical response. This should include attempts at describing the content of the piece, and how it changes (or doesn't) over time (i.e. the form of the piece). It should also include a larger discussion of what kind of issues made this piece both aesthetically and conceptually interesting to you. Some possible subject matter may include: how you interpret an interplay between composer and performer (if there is one) and technology, how specific types of sound reference other situations or time periods, how the technolgy is implying a certain type of form or content, or to what degree (if any, or if totally) does the creation and unfolding of a process (be it predictable or unpredictable) overlap with the notion of "composition", and what kind of personal subjective reactions you have to it, whether the sounds be familiar or unfamiliar. Those are merely suggestions; feel free to explore new intellectual territories.

AFTER doing the above, do a little googling/wikipedia-ing to discover what types of tech/processes were actually being used, and what kind of philosophical/musica/technological goals the composer may have had (either within the specific pieces or throughout his/her career). How does your pre-googling conception of the track match up with your post-googling knowledge? What expectations were confirmed, versus what was surprising?

The whole write up should be 1-2 pages. Please bring it with you on wednesday the 10th and be ready to talk about it in class.