Mus 316 assig 2 - Field Recording and Soundscape Composition

This assignment is in three parts.
1) Read these two articles to gain familiarity with the practice of soundscape composition:
Hildegard Westerkamp. “Linking Soundscape Composition and Acoustic Ecology.” Organised Sound. Volume 7, Number 1, 2002.
Francisco Lopez. “Environmental Sound Matter.” From liner notes of La Selva.
In addition, do some internet browsing on techniques of sound recording, both in general, and specifically related to using the Zoom H2 (or whatever other equipment you may be using): people have lots of opinions on placement and orientation within a particular space and context, how to deal with outdoor elements like wind, etc. Plus, look at the manual for the H2 to get familiar with it if you don't remember how to use it!

2) Make at least 3 field recordings, from different spaces. These should be at least two minutes long, and up to 5+ minutes (depending on what you think is useful for use in part 3). Take written notes of where, when, and what you are recording. They can be on campus, anywhere you like (indoor/outdoor/etc), of some sound or ambience that you find interesting.

3) Make a tape piece, utilizing your field recordings as the only sound source. This should be at least 2-3 minutes long (up to as long as you like). Use Pro Tools in studio A (and pick up a key to the studio!). You may use any "tape cutting" techniques (cutting, panning, layering, looping small portions, fading in and out, etc), but _don't_ use any audio plugins to distort the sound (or any synthesized material, etc). It should be in stereo.

What to turn in:
-Create a folder within Studio A/Disk 3 Large and In Charge/MUS316/[yourname]/assig2/ . Within that folder should be four things:
-A document (pdf/rtf/txt/doc) specifying, for each of your field recordings:1)Date and Time, 2)Location (be specific), 3)a few notes on the circumstances (i.e. what is going on, what are you aiming the mic at and how closely, etc)
-Leave the original, unedited, field recordings in a subfolder.
-Save your protools session within another subfolder folder (we'll listen as a group; choose an excerpt of a few minutes)
-Bounce your session to an audio file and leave it within this folder

DUE: March 3rd