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Terry Pender is the Associate Director of Columbia University's Computer Music Center. Terry's main interests are interactive sound & image, recording studio techniques - especially those of the Beatles, and performing on mandolin, harmonica and guitar.


After Ghostcatching moves on to the Sundance Festival (January 20-27) and the Salt Lake Art Center (January 2nd to March 25th). A high-definition 2D version of the work also opens the Cooper Union Film Festival on January 28th, 2011.

Into The Forest

Into the forest is an interactive 3D installation commissioned by the Museum of the Moving Image as part of its Real Virtuality exhibit, which celebrates the redesign and expansion of the museum building. The exhibit opens on January 15 and runs through June 12, 2011.
The score is by violinist Tom Chiu of the Flux Quartet, with sound design by Terry Pender and additional contributions by the 1B first graders of The School at Columbia University.

Sines Festival

Terry's trio, PGT (Pender, Garton, Taylor) performed several gigs in Portugal in July including the great World Music Festival at Sines, Festival Musicas do Mundo 2010. Recordings from the tour are online so check them out.

After Ghost Catching

After Ghostcatching is a new 3D installation that revisits, re-conceives and reworks The Open Ended Group's earlier collaboration with Bill T. Jones, Ghostcatching (1999). Commissioned by SITE Santa Fe, After Ghostcatching opened in June as part of the Eighth International Biennial, which runs through January 2, 2011. Terry Pender created a new enhanced soundtrack for the 3-D film.