Ben Shahn (1898-1969)


This site in under development, but the below images are provided as just a sampling of the range of art of Ben Shahn. These images have been culled from a variety of websites throughout the world - from the Library of Congress to a gallery in Tokyo. We hope you will visit back here often.

"Renascence" 1946
tempera, 21 7/8" x 30"
State Dept. Collection

"Prometheus" 1946
The University of Michigan Museum of Art Collection

"Years of Dust" 1936
Color lithograph poster
A distinguished painter, illustrator, and photographer, Ben Shahn designed only a few posters during his long career. Years of Dust, produced for the Resettlement Administration (which later became the Farm Security Administration), is believed to have been his first. In conveying a sense of the despair of the impoverished Dust Bowl farmer, Shahn's poster was an apt piece of propaganda for the agency, which strove to ease the hardships of the American agricultural community. Library of Congress Collection


"Blind street musician"
from Images of the Depression
for the Farm Security Administration (FSA)

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