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peace activist

Robert Alan Silverstein is the co-author of 40 published children's science books. He has also provided illustrations and photographs for several of these books. Although he writes children's non-fiction for a living, Robert's true passion is writing adult novels, short stories, poetry and songs, and writing and illustrating children's picture books. He has had a number of short stories and poems published in small and literary periodicals.

Over the past two years, under his pseudonym, Robert Alan, he has become an active contributor of electronic books and multimedia "edutainment" programs to America Online. More than 30 electronic books for PCs, written and illustrated by Robert Alan, can be found in the America Online EPUB forum libraries. These files have already received more than 50,000 downloads.

Recently Robert has focused his attention to writing and illustrating electronic books for an educational organization he has founded called PEOPLE FOR PEACE, which is dedicated to promoting a message of peace through compassion and tolerance. The People For Peace Network links people, groups, and resources, to help encourage and provide opportunities for kids and adults who are helping to make a better world. In addition to distributing electronic files that promote conflict resolution, environmental awareness, volunteer services and peace in general, Robert also maintains several websites which he has created as another outlet of expression.

People For Peace Network
e-mail to:
People For Peace is an educational organization, spreading a message of compassion and peace. The People For Peace Network links people, groups & services to help make a better world.

Kids Care: The Network For Kids Who Care About Our World
The Kids Care Network -- educational fun for kids who care about our world. The Rainbow Kids show kids they have the power to help make a better world.

DinoPals Page
The DinoPals Page -- educational fun for kids who care about our world. These PeaceOsaurs help kids work problems out peacefully, and make a better world.

Dream Keeper
Dream Keeper is a zine, network, and cyberspace safe haven for dreamers of love and light.

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