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Important Notice to Prospective Applicants (Posted June 24, 2021):

The Columbia Ethnomusicology PhD program admits cohorts in two consecutive years out of each three year period. We ARE admitting a cohort for fall 2022, and therefore we ARE accepting applications in the fall of 2021.

Prospective applicants should read the web resources linked above very carefully before contacting Ethnomusicology Area Chair Prof. Kevin Fellezs (kf2362 [at] with questions.


Alessandra Ciucci

Assistant Professor of Music
PhD in Ethnomusicology, The Graduate Center, City University of New York 
Research Interests: Morocco, North Africa, The Mediterranean, popular music of the Arab world, migration, gender and sexuality, sung poetry. 
Email: amc25 [at]

Kevin Fellezs

Associate Professor of Music and African American Studies
Area Chair: Fall '21 
PhD, History of Consciousness (American Studies), University of California at Santa Cruz 
Research areas: Black Music; Jazz; Fusion; popular music studies; Hawai'i and the Pacific; Asian and Asian American Studies; Native and Indigenous Studies. 
Email: kf2362 [at]

Aaron A. Fox

Associate Professor of Music
Director, Center for Ethnomusicology
Area Chair: Spring '22
PhD in Social Anthropology, University of Texas at Austin
Research Interests: Popular music; working-class cultures; language and music; race, class, and indigeneity; ethnographic theory and method; history of social thought; linguistics; Native American Studies; cultural and intellectual property issues.
Email: aaf19 [at]

Ana Maria Ochoa

Professor of Music
PhD in Folklore and Ethnomusicology, Indiana University
Research Areas: Cultural policy, music and armed conflict, intellectual property, history of aurality, Latin American Cultural Studies, music and globalization, coloniality and modernity.
Email: ao2110 [at]

Christopher J. Washburne

Professor of Music
Director, Louis Armstrong Jazz Performance Program 
PhD in Music (Ethnomusicology), Columbia University 
Research Areas: Jazz; Salsa; Latin American and Caribbean musics; music and identity; performance. 
Email: cjw5 [at] columbia.eduWebsite:




See our PhD Program "FAQ" for a complete record of all placements

  • Emily Clark (2020) - Visiting Research Fellow, Netherlands Royal Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies (KITLV) in Leiden, The Netherlands
  • Beatriz Goubert (2019) - Associate Editor for Latin America, RILM (International Repository of Music Literature)
  • César Colon-Montijo (2018) - Presidential Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Princeton University
  • Kevin Holt (2018) - Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in African American Studies, Wesleyan University
  • Trevor Reed (2018) - Associate Prof. of Law, Arizona State University
  • Whitney Slaten (2018) - Assistant Prof. of Music, Bard College
  • Marceline Saibou (2016) - Assistant Professor, Bowdoin College
  • Adam Kielman (2016) - Assistant Professor, Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Sara Snyder (2016) - Visiting Assistant Professor, Cherokee Language Program, Western Carolina University (Assistant Professor from fall 2017)
  • Melissa Gonzalez (2014) - Visiting Lecturer, CUNY/Hunter College
  • Martha K. Newland (2014) - Lecturer in Music (2016-17), Columbia University 
  • Nili Belkind (2014) - Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities/Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellowship in the Humanities, U Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Toby King (2014) - Asst. Prof. of Music, U North Carolina, Asheville
  • Simon Calle (2013) - Ministry of Culture, Colombia
  • Nicholas Higgins (2013) - Guest Faculty, Sarah Lawrence College
  • Timothy Mangin (2013) - Asst. Prof., Boston College
  • Brian Karl (2012) - Program Dir., Headlands Center for the Arts, Marin, CA
  • Maria Sonevytsky (2012) - Asst. Prof. of Music, Bard College
  • Tyler Bickford (2011) - Asst. Prof. of English, Univ. of Pittsburgh
  • Lauren Ninoshvili (2010) - Adjunct Associate Research Scholar, Department of Slavic Languages, Columbia University
  • Farzanneh Hemmasi (2010) - Asst. Prof. of Music, Univ. of Toronto
  • Anna Stirr (2010) - Asst. Prof. of Asian Arts & Cultures, Univ. of Hawai'i, Manoa
  • Andrew Eisenberg (2009) - Asst. Prof. of Music, NYU/Abu Dhabi (2014 - ); Previously: Visiting Asst. Prof. of Music & Anthropology, Bard College (2013-14); Postdoctoral Fellow in Music, Oxford University, Visiting Lecturer in Music, Stony Brook University
  • Morgan Luker (2009) - Associate Prof. of Music, Reed College
  • Ryan Skinner (2009) - Assoc. Prof. of Music and African Studies, Ohio State Univ.
  • Matthew Sakakeeny (2008) - Assoc. Prof. of Music, Tulane Univ.
  • Amanda Minks (2006) - Assoc. Prof. of Anthropology, Oklahoma University
  • David Novak (2006) - Assoc. Prof. of Music, Univ. of California, Santa Barbara
  • Adriana Helbig (2005) - Assoc. Prof. of Music, Univ. of Pittsburgh
  • James Dale Wilson (2004) - Assoc. Prof. of Music, Connecticut College
  • Heather Willoughby (2002) - Assoc. Prof., Ewha Women's University, Korea


Click here for a complete listing of all dissertations (with abstracts) defended since 2002


Louise Sasaki, Noriko Sasaki, & Yoichi Fukui

Directors, Columbia University Gagaku Ensemble
(for more information on our Gagaku program click here)


  • PhD
  • Undergraduate BA Special Major through Barnard College