Computer Music Center News

Laurie Spiegel's "A Harmonic Algorithm" Presented by Seth Cluett + a Conversation with Tara Rodgers

At 8 pm on Thursday, September 10th, ISSUE will stream a 360 degree video presentation of electronic music pioneer Laurie Spiegel’s piece "A Harmonic Algorithm 2011" coordinated in collaboration with composer and artist Seth Cluett.

Brad Garton: keynote speaker at the 2019 International Computer Music Conference

Professor Brad Garton is going to be the keynote speaker at the 2019 International Computer Music Conference going on this week (his speech is tomorrow at 4:30 PM), and one of his book-readings will be a 'featured piece' on the 2019 New York Electroacoustic Music Festival that evening.

Department of Music students, alumni, and faculty featured in Columbia News

Students, alumni, and faculty in the Music Department are featured in the article "Daughters of Harlem Teaches Local Young Women to Record and Produce Their Own Music" about the Fall 2018 workshop For the Daughters of Harlem: Working with Sound.

Seth Cluett to curate new exhibition at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts

From January 15th, 2019 until March 23rd, 2019, the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts will feature state-of-the-art immersive installation by exhibition curator, artist, and composer Seth Cluett in a new exhibition "Sounding Circuits: Audible Histories" which explores the birth and evolution of electronic music.

Columbia Composition and Sound Art students featured in Computer Music Center Showcase at NYPL

The Library sound archives preserve the groundbreaking work of Columbia University’s electronic and computer music pioneers. Explore a new universe of sounds with Columbia University Computer Music Center Director Seth Cluett. From Charles Dodges’ 1969 computer generated masterwork Earth’s Magnetic Field to the most boundary blurring contemporary works by Columbia’s current students, join us for an interactive electronic sound salon.

Featured New and Elective Courses FALL 2017

This semester, the Department of Music is offering courses on Beethoven, Divas, Monsters, Material Girls: Women in Music Video; and Transpacific Musicology: Monsters, Princesses, Bombs at Sea. Graduate seminars include Music and Early Modernism, 1880-1920; Ruth Crawford Seeger; and Analysis of Musical Form.