Ethnomusicology News

Hip Hop Research and Teaching in Music Department Featured in Columbia Spectator

The Cold Crush Brothers performing at an anti-apartheid protest at Columbia.

Kevin Holt (GSAS '18), Katie Radishofski, and Professor Ellie Hisama are profiled in part two of Nigel Telman's two-part article in Columbia Spectator about Columbia's relationship with hip-hop.

Professor Peter Susser Publishes Digital Guidebook on Improvisation Leadership in Ear Training Classrooms

Peter M. Susser, Senior Lecturer, Director of Undergraduate Musicianship, has published a digital guidebook in partnership with the Center for Teaching and Learning entitled, “Eureka: A Digital Guidebook for Improvisation Leadership in the Ear Training Classroom.”

Kevin Fellezs Publishes Article on Hawaiian Slack-key Guitarists in the Journal of the Society for American Music

Kevin Fellezs published his article “Nahenahe (soft, sweet, melodious): Sounding Out Native Hawaiian Self-Determination” in the Journal of the Society for American Music's Special Issue on Music, Indigeneity, and Colonialism in the Americas.