Applying to Columbia?

Prospective Undergraduate Applicants

Are you or your child considering applying to Columbia College, Barnard College, the Columbia School of General Studies, or the Fu School of Engineering as an undergraduate? Do you have questions about opportunities for undergraduate musicians at Columbia? These resources will help you find the answers you need.

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Prospective Graduate Program Applicants (PhD or DMA)

Columbia offers one of the top doctoral programs in academic musicology (PhD, including historical musicology, ethnomusicology, and music theory) and music composition (DMA) in the United States. We are committed to the professional development of our students, and expect them to be committed to their own professional goals as scholars, teachers, and composers.

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Prospective MFA Applicants in Sound Arts

The Sound Arts MFA is an interdepartmental program offered in association with The Visual Arts MFA Program, the Department of Music and the Computer Music Center.

The two-year program is highly selective, offering admission to only three or four students each year. Prospective students with a deep engagement with sound as medium and a desire to join a diverse community of artists and musicians are encouraged to apply.

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Prospective Visiting Scholars and Students

We are delighted to host several Visiting Scholars and Students annually, under a variety of program auspices. Visiting Scholars and Students enhance the life of our community and create new connections for future exchanges. However, especially because we are in New York City, a world center for music performance, composition, and research, we receive far more requests for such affiliations than we can possibly honor, and can only accept a small number of affiliated visitors in any given year.

If you are interested in our visiting scholar program, please read our detailed policies and procedures page before contacting the department:

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