Artun Çekem

DMA Student in Composition

Artun Çekem is a composer born in Istanbul, Turkey. His work primarily deals with the concept of the uncanny, and more particularly, the uncanniness that is latent within anthropomorphic entities. From a sonic perspective, this concept has led him to focus on and spectrally analyze the human voice with the aim of repurposing it under new, instrumental settings. Through this instrumental resynthesis he intends to defamiliarize the original source material and capture a liminal zone between what may be perceived as "human" and "non-human". 

Artun began his musical path as an electric guitarist, pursuing a BA degree in Music at Istanbul Bilgi University, followed by a Master's degree in Composition at Bilkent University. His works have been performed in concerts and festivals across Turkey, Europe, Japan, and the United States. He is currently living in New York City as a DMA candidate at Columbia University.