Caleb Mutch

Core Lecturer, Music Humanities
Caleb Mutch
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Caleb Mutch is a Core Lecturer in Music Humanities. He completed a dissertation on the development of the concept of the cadence in tonal theory in 2015 at Columbia University. His research areas include the history of music theory from antiquity to the romantic era, formal analysis of baroque and classical music, and historically informed approaches to Schenkerian analysis. He has presented parts of his dissertation research at the annual meetings of the Society for Music Theory and Music Theory Midwest, and has delivered papers on other subjects at past meetings of the Society for Music Theory and the Music Theory Society of New York State. In addition to his Music Humanities instructing, Caleb has also taught courses in the undergraduate music theory curriculum at Columbia, as well as graduate-level seminars at the University of British Columbia and Rutgers University.  His research appears in the journal Eighteenth-Century Music.

Columbia Degrees: 
MA, Music Theory
MPhil, Music Theory
PhD, Music Theory
Degrees from Other Institutions: 
University of British Columbia