Cristina González Rojo

PhD Student in Music Theory

Cristina González Rojo is a graduate student in music theory. She is especially interested in performance studies. Born in Asturias, Spain, she grew up in Salamanca, where she studied mainly as a pianist. In 2017, Cristina moved to Barcelona to study piano performance at the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya. At this university, she has been able to combine her performer side with her interest in analysis, mainly in the field of musical signification. For the past five years she has been focusing on 19th-century solo piano music and chamber music, performing concerts in different venues in Spain, Germany, and Holland, as well as researching on the intersections between performance and analysis. An enthusiast on public musicology, for several years Cristina has offered a series of lectures on opera adapted to senior audiences at Aula Oberta in Barcelona. This summer, she is offering a summer course on aural strategies rooted in musical signification for general audiences at the Universitat de Barcelona

Her work has been presented at the XV International Congress on Musical Signification, the 21st Quinquennial Congress of the International Musicological Society, and the SATMUS International Congress (Spanish Society for Analysis and Music Theory). Currently, she researches on analysis of live performance and the expression of musical meaning, taking in a number of aspects including exchanges between the score, the performer’s embodiment, and their expressive decisions.