Doran Massey

Doran Massey, born in Orange County, California, USA, received an MFA in Studio Art from New York University where he studied principally with Peter Campus.  Currently, he teaches at Kean University while also working and studying education, art and technology at Teachers College in Columbia University.  He is a media artist with a background as an engineer and researcher in interactive television, software and media technology.  Not surprisingly, he works with electronics, computers, and other materials to create sound art, musical compositions, installations, video and interactive pieces that explore the perception and cognition of complex interactions.
The interactive systems may communicate the complexity and variability of living organisms, whether organic or inorganic.  Immersive environments invite exploration and reward a person’s effort to interact with discovery.  Sensations invite us to consider the reality at which they hint.  This is not passive discovery.  Each system reacts to us as we react to it, frustrating any desire on our part to control it by predicting specific responses, but rewarding the wish for open discovery.  It is not a slave to be dominated.  It declares its right to exist in freedom and its defiant refusal to submit to force while admitting the necessity to choose responses to the influences of other systems, including people.  People are systems, multi-cellular, multi-dimensional, and multi-existential systems.
Doran’s works have been performed, broadcast and exhibited in North America, Europe, Japan, South America and on the internet.