Edmund Joseph Campion

Edmund Campion joined the composition faculty at the University of California, Berkeley, in 1996.  He is also Co-Director at the Center for New Music and Audio Technologies (CNMAT) at Berkeley.A native of Dallas, Texas, Edmund Campion completed his doctoral study in composition at Columbia University, and spent several years in France working with Gerard Grisey. In 1993 he was invited to study at IRCAM where he composed LOSING TOUCH for vibraphone and tape (visit EDMUND CAMPION at IRCAM) (Billaudot Editions, Paris). He was subsequently commissioned by IRCAM in 1995 to compose and perform NATURAL SELECTION for interactive electronics and midi grand piano, and was again commissioned by IRCAM in 1999 to work with choreographer Francois Raffinot on the music for the multi-media ballet PLAYBACK. Bio courtesy of the CNMAT website.You can also read more about Dr. Campion's work on his personal website.

AA-AAA-A-AA (addressing "ATCOE": An artistic apology and ancillary analysis). (with Original composition)
Columbia Degrees: 
DMA, Composition