Ian Giocondo

PhD Student in Historical Musicology

Ian Giocondo is an incoming Historical Musicology PhD student. His work centers around the politics of musical production in the 20th and 21st centuries. He explores music’s resonances with some recent strands of critical race theory—in one recent case, orienting the "afterlife" of blackface minstrelsy in American popular music alongside the theoretical apparatus of Afropessimism. He is also broadly interested in music’s entanglement in the logic of contemporary capitalism, with all its related heuristics (e.g. neoliberalism, financialization, "the market", etc.). His current project, his MA thesis, excavates the musical programming practices on two European radio stations to ultimately suggest that omnivorous, "genre-defying" musical taste is bound up with the identity-based political sensibilities of neoliberal societies. He is currently finishing his MA in musicology at Utrecht University in the Netherlands, and holds a BM in music from the University of South Carolina. His research and study has been supported by a Fulbright Scholarship (in Berlin); the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science; and the Erasmus Program. He has presented his work in both the United States and Europe.