Jonathan Ligrani

PhD Student in Historical Musicology

Jonathan Ligrani is a Ph.D. student in Historical Musicology with research interests in early modern Italy, the madrigal, medieval polyphonic development, critical theory, philosophy, and patronage. Hailing from Grand Junction, Colorado, he earned a B.A. in music and studied viola at the University of Northern Colorado. From 2014 to 2016, Jonathan completed an M.A. in Musicology at The Pennsylvania State University. His thesis, “The Language of Lament: Giaches de Wert and Claudio Monteverdi’s seconda pratica,” was supervised by Marica Tacconi. At Penn State Jonathan helped found, and served as vice-president for, the PSU Society for Music Theory and Musicology, a student-operated organization for presenting research and hosting visiting scholars. Maintaining a passion for education, Jonathan strives toward pedagogical advancement within and outside of the academic classroom.