Julia Hamilton

PhD Student in Historical Musicology

Julia Hamilton is a PhD candidate in Historical Musicology. Her research explores domestic music-making and identity play, asking why and how amateur musicians have used song performance to masquerade as people who differed from them in some way, including gender, race, nationality, and/or age. Though an eighteenth-centuryist at heart, Julia is interested in the long history of this phenomenon and has presented on domestic performances of “mammy songs” by white women in the turn-of-the-twentieth-century American south. She is currently writing a dissertation entitled “Political Song in Polite Society: Singing about Africans in the Time of the British Abolition Movement, ca. 1787-1807,” which is supervised by Elaine Sisman. When she is not writing her dissertation, Julia enjoys teaching Music Humanities, serving on the editorial board of Current Musicology, and singing with Ars Nota, a study group in historical notation. Prior to coming to Columbia, Julia earned a BA in Music and English from the College of the Holy Cross and an MA in Eighteenth-Century Studies from the University of Southampton, which was funded by a Fulbright grant.