Laura Dolp

Dr. Laura Dolp (PhD, Historical Musicology, 2005) is Associate Professor in Musicology and Coordinator of Music History & General Education Studies at the John J. Cali School of Music at Montclair State University. Laura Dolp has explored the historical agency of music as a site of human transformation, including music and spirituality, the interrelation of music and social spaces, mapping and musical practices, and the poetics of the natural world. Her current book project examines the historical relationship between cartography and the musical score, Maps and Music: Stories of the Cartographic Score. She is editor of Arvo Pärt’s White Light: Media, Culture, Politics (Cambridge University Press, 2017) and co-author for The Cambridge Companion to Arvo Pärt (CUP, 2012), Artistic Citizenship: Artistry, Social Responsibility, and Ethical Praxis (Oxford University Press, 2016) and The Oxford Handbook of Music and Medievalism (OUP, forthcoming). Dolp is a frequent speaker in the North America and Europe. Her articles are featured in 19th-Century Music, the Journal of Musicological Research, Naturlaut and Muzyka. She has been awarded a President's Fellowship at Columbia University and a DAAD scholarship at Humboldt-Universitat in Berlin. Before joining the faculty at Montclair State University she was a visiting faculty member at Wellesley College.

Mahler's landscapes: Constructions of space in music and the visual arts in fin-de-siecle Vienna
Columbia Degrees: 
PhD, Historical Musicology