Lucie Vágnerová

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Assistant Editor of Women & Music: A Journal of Gender and Culture
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Lucie Vágnerová, Core Lecturer in Music Humanities, came to Columbia in 2009, having previously studied at the University of Nottingham (B.A. Music). She completed the Ph.D. in Historical Musicology in 2016. Her main interests are American music of the 20th and 21st centuries, women composers in electronic music, multimedia performance, sound art and sonic practice broadly conceived, history of sound technologies, and topics in popular music. Her doctoral dissertation, Sirens / Cyborgs: Sound Technologies and the Musical Body, advised by Ellie Hisamaexplores the political stakes of women composers' work with sound technologies engaging the body (vocal filters, vocal synthesis, gesture controllers, biofeedback technologies). With disciplinary roots in musicology, the project is also significantly informed by feminist theory, sound studies, performance studies, and critical theory.

She has presented her research at the University of California, Berkeley, Harvard University, Stony Brook University, and University of Lancaster, England.   

Lucie is the Assistant Editor of Women & Music: A Journal of Gender and Culture. She was the chair of the 2014 Columbia Music Scholarship Conference on Music and Memory, and she coordinated the December 2015 symposium Women, Music, Power: A Celebration of Suzanne G. Cusick's Work. 

Lucie has taught Music Humanities in Columbia's Core Curriculum, Critical Approaches to Music Technologies (2014) under the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences' Summer Teaching Scholars Competition Program, and Sexing Sound Art (2015) under the GSAS Teaching Scholars Program, supported by a grant awarded by the Institute for Research on Women, Gender, and Sexuality. She was awarded the 2015 Meyerson Award for Excellence in Core Teaching, given annually to an outstanding graduate preceptor of Music Humanities. She also holds the Certificate offered by the Institute for Research on Women, Gender, and Sexuality, which qualifies her to teach interdisciplinary courses in feminist theory and women's studies.

Read more about Lucie and her work on her personal website.

Sirens/Cyborgs: Sound Technologies and the Musical Body
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PhD, Historical Musicology