Luiz Cesar Magalhaes

Luiz Cesar Magalhaes is currently associate professor at the School of Music at UFBA and the Graduate Program in Music, where he is part of the Center for Research in Musical Performance and Psychology (NUPSIMUS). He holds degrees in Psychology (UFBA), Music (UFBA) and Engineering (UFPR), a scholarship from CAPES, and a masters degree and doctorate (1998) in Ethnomusicology from Columbia University, New York. He also has experience in Psychology, with an emphasis Analytical Psychology, where he has a specialized course (2010). Professionally served as a soloist, chamber musician and violinist of the Orquestra Sinfonica da Bahia.  As a researcher, he has directed theses, dissertations and end of course work in the following areas: music and cognition, music education, special music education and teacher training.

From peasant to Indian: A study of the Tore ritual songs and the re-creation of tradition in a Brazilian Indian community
Columbia Degrees: 
PhD, Ethnomusicology