Marcelo Toledo

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Marcelo Toledo

Marcelo Toledo is a freelance composer and adjunct Assistant Professor of Music at Columbia University. Toledo's particular interest in music notation and visual representation of sounds led to he exhibition SOUND OBJECT in New York 2004, music, scores and drawings curated by the Dean of the Columbia University School of the Arts, Bruce Ferguson.In 2005-2006 Toledo was the New York composition mentor of the intercultural project Global Interplay organized by "Musik der Jahrhunderte" for the ISCM World Music Days. He was also organizer and curator of the New York Global Interplay Conference and Concerts, at the Goethe Institute in New York, whose participants included young composers from Europe, Africa, Asia and America.Toledo has given courses, workshops and lectures in several musical institutions: in the USA at Columbia University, Stanford University, New York University, Syracuse University, University of the Arts, Berlin, in Mexico at the UNAM, Radio Educacion, and Ensenada, in Argentina at the IUNA, Centro Recoletta, UNL, UNaM, CEAMC, in Uruguay at the UNR.Toledo is working on the book A Map of Noise, a Unique History of 20th Century Music. An abstract of it was published in Perspectiva Interdiciplinaria de Musica, Mexico, 2006.His essay "Pensar la musica hoy...olvidar la musica" was published in "Nuevas poeticas en la musica contemporanea argentina" Pablo Fessel editor, for the series Libros de musica, Biblioteca Nacional, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2007.He returned to New York after his 2009 DAAD Artist in Residence in Berlin.In 2014 The Music & Arts Library at Columbia mounted an exhibition of his works, entitled Northern Skies.    Bio courtesy of his website.

Para el encuentro en los abismos (for 24 musicians): Commission 2002 from the Ensemble Intercontemporain [and] Composing with fluid noises, a personal approach: History, techniques, and aesthetics of complex fluid sounds
Columbia Degrees: 
DMA, Composition