Maria Sonevytsky

Maria Sonevytsky earned the PhD in Ethnomusicology from Columbia in 2011. Her  dissertation, "Wild Music: Ideologies of Exoticism in Two Ukrainian Borderlands," developed comparative musical-ethnographic studies of two distinct Ukrainian borderland groups, the Hutsuls of the Carpathian Mountains, and the Crimean Tatars, and examines the role of discourses of "wildness" and exoticism in Ukrainian music, culture,  and politics.

Sonevytsky has been Assistant Professor of Music at Bard College since 2014.  Prior to taking up the position at Bard, Dr. Sonevysky will be a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Centre for European, Russian and Eurasian Studies at the University of Toronto for 2013-14 and Dr. Sonevytsky was also a Mihaychuk Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute. She has a BA from Barnard College.  Sonevytsky is also an accomplished accordionist, as well as a vocalist and pianist. She performs with a composers' collective in New York City called Anti-Social Music.

Wild Music: Ideologies of Exoticism in Two Ukrainian Borderlands
Columbia Degrees: 
PhD, Ethnomusicology