Rogério Shieh Barbosa

Rogério Shieh Barbosa is a music theorist and Baroque cellist who is a strong advocate for the integration of performance with academia. A firm believer in music theory pedagogy, Rogério has taught all segments of written music theory as Assistant Instructor at Indiana University. He also has given lectures at the University of Notre Dame, São Paulo University, and Santa Marcelina University in São Paulo, Brazil, speaking about knowledge of harmony and its application in performance. His main research interests have been the music of Gabriel Fauré and contemporaries, as well as the music within the Partimento tradition of eighteenth-century Naples.

As a performer, drawing on intensive activity as a chamber musician and his passion for continuo playing, Rogério has performed with the Indiana University Baroque Orchestra, Bloomington Bach Cantata Project, as well as in numerous concerts at Indiana University. He studied modern cello under the tutelage of Julie Albers and Hans Jensen at Mercer University and Baroque cello with Stanley Ritchie and Jaap ter Linden.

A native of São Paulo, Brazil, Rogério also enjoys traveling abroad and taking professional photographs of the places he visits as well as professional portraits and headshots of fellow artists. Despite music being his main life’s passion, he has also been exploring the depths of culinary arts in his free time.

Degrees from Other Institutions: 
Baroque Cello and Music Theory
Indiana University
Cello Performance
Mercer University