Ryan Dohoney

Ryan Dohoney (PhD, Musicology 2009) has been  Assistant Professor of Musicology at Northwestern University's  Bienen School of Music since Fall 2013. Dr. Dohoney was previously Assistant Professor of Musicology at the University of Kansas (2012–2013), and faculty fellow in music at Colby College (2011–2013).

Dr. Dohoney received his BMus in music history and vocal performance from Rice University and and earned his PhD at Columbia with the dissertation "The Anxiety of Art: Morton Feldman's Modernism, 1948–1972," sponsored by Prof. Lewis. He is currently expanding his dissertation work into an historical ethnography of the premier of Feldman's Rothko Chapel titled "The Illusion of Feeling: Morton Feldman and the Rothko Chapel."

Dr. Dohoney's work has appeared in the Journal of the American Musicological Society, Women & Music, and Dissonanz: Schweizer Musikzeitschrift  für Forschung und Kreation. He has contributed essays to New York School Collaborations (Palgrave 2013) edited by Mark Silverberg and Tomorrow is the Question: New Approaches to Experimental Music Studies (Michigan 2014) edited by Benjamin Piekut (PhD, Columbia 2008). 

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The Anxiety of Art: Morton Feldman's Modernism 1948-1972
Columbia Degrees: 
PhD, Historical Musicology