Toru Momii

PhD Student in Music Theory

A native of Japan, Toru Momii joined the Ph.D. program in Music Theory at Columbia University in 2015.

He graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Vassar College in 2011, earning degrees in music and in economics. While at Vassar, he studied composition with Harold Meltzer and Richard Wilson, violin with Linda Quan, and voice with Mary Nessinger. Following a two-year stint in Tokyo working in the investment banking industry, he received an M.A. in music theory from the Schulich School of Music, McGill University in Montréal, working primarily with René Rusch. His Master's thesis, "Lost in Translation: Exoticism as Transculturation in Saint-Saëns's Africa," explores new avenues of analyzing Western art works with non-Western influences. His current research interests include multiculturalism in Western art music, issues of music and national identity, tuning and temperament, harmony in late-Romantic music, and Japanese music.

Outside of graduate school, Toru spends his time watching baseball, cooking, practicing violin, and playing squash.

Degrees from Other Institutions: 
Music Theory
McGill University, Schulich School of Music
Music and Economics
Vassar College