Tyler Bickford

Office Address: 
621 Dodge Hall (Music Department Office)

Tyler Bickford writes: "I am an assistant professor of children’s literature and childhood studies in the English department at the University of Pittsburgh. I am an ethnomusicologist by training. My research looks at children’s music, digital technology, and kids’ peer culture in school. My dissertation is an ethnographic study of the media ecology of K–8 schoolchildren at a small, rural, public school in New England, focusing on digital and portable media practices, and I’ve lately been writing more about the tween music industry."

Bickford recently published “Tinkering and Tethering in the Material Culture of Children’s MP3 Players,” in The Oxford Handbook of Children’s Musical Cultures, edited by Patricia Shehan Campbell and Trevor Wiggins (Oxford University Press, 2013).

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Children's Music, MP3 Players, and Expressive Practices at a Vermont Elementary School: Media Consumption as Social Organization among Schoolchildren
Columbia Degrees: 
PhD, Ethnomusicology