Yingjia (Lemon) Guo

Yingjia (Lemon) Guo is a singer, composer and sound artist from China. With a background in Chinese folk music, Lemon graduated from the University of Virginia in 2015 with a distinguished major in music composition (BA), and is currently a second year MFA student in Sound Arts at Columbia University. Her recent work often creates intimate yet distant listening situations for evocative and subtle vocal performances.​In these situations of entanglement, the performers and the viewers are trapped as one, between comfort and anxiety. The work often explores subjects that she is deeply conflicted with, such as the smog pollution and the replaces identities of Chinese folk music. Perhaps the failure to find a solution or even form an opinion about these issues has unconsciously tempted her to lure other people into the same affliction. The process usually starts with an idea, and evolves around voices, technology, and visual elements, towards a sense of beauty that feels human.​

Columbia Degrees: 
MFA, Sound Arts