Analysis of Musical Form as a Tool for Contemporary Composition

New for Fall 2017
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A thorough knowledge of traditional analysis of musical form (i.e. the standard musical forms of the Baroque, Classical, and Romantic periods) is expected and required.

This course will look at musical form in an alternative manner: rather than follow standard concepts of traditional analysis, we will approach form on the basis of perception, namely the perception of time as well as tension and suspense. How does musical form set up expectations of the listener, “manipulates” them, and ultimately destroys/denies them? Since traditional analysis of musical form is often not applicable any more to much of the music of the past century as well as the present, it seems fair to say that the standard approach has ceased to be helpful for contemporary composers.  The new approach taken in this course aims to offer a viable alternative to composers working today, providing not only abstract concepts but hands-on tools. 

Past Offerings

Fall 2017 – Section 001

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T 4:10-6pm