Jewish Music in New York

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Note updated days/time for this course, which will meet in fall 2018 from 11:40pm-12:55pm on Monday and Wednesday  Music UN2030 JEWISH MUSIC IN NEW YORK Section 001  Points: 3 Fall 2018 MW 11:40pm-12:55pm 814 Dodge Hall Instructor: Prof. Tina Frühauf Course Description: With the arrival of the first Jewish immigrants in New York in the mid-1600s until today, Jewish music in the City has oscillated between preserving traditions and introducing innovative ideas. This course explores the variety of ways people have used music to describe, inscribe, symbolize, and editorialize their Jewish experience. Along these lines, it draws upon genres of art music, popular music, and non-Western traditions, as well as practices that synthesize various styles and genres. Diverse musical experiences will serve as a window to address wider questions of identity, memory, dislocation, and connections to New York's dynamic and eclectic music culture. We will experience the City's Jewish soundscape by visiting various venues and meeting key players in today's music scene, in order to engage in the ongoing dialogues that define Jewishness in New York. Although a basic familiarity with Judaism and/or music is helpful for this course, it is by no means required. You do not need to know Jewish history to take this class, nor do you need to be musically literate. All translations will be provided, and all musical analysis will be well explained. Instructor Bio: Educated in Germany, Dr. Frühauf specializes in the history of Jewish music in Western Europe. She is the author of The Organ and Its Music in German-Jewish Culture (Oxford University Press, 2009/2012), and editor of An Anthology of German-Jewish Organ Music (A-R Editions, 2013, nominated for the Claude V. Palisca Award for Outstanding Edition), Hans Samuel: Selected Piano Works (A-R Editions, 2013), and Dislocated Memories: Jews, Music, and Postwar German Culture (OUP, 2014). Supported by grants from the Leo Baeck Institute and Memorial Foundation of Jewish Culture, Dr. Frühauf is currently completing a monograph on music in the Jewish communities of Germany after 1945. To view Dr. Frühauf's full biography, click here: