New York Avant-Gardes: Music and Performance since 1950

Course Level: 
Graduate, Undergraduate

This course explores New York's avant-garde music scenes and networks since 1950. Examples are drawn from a wide range of music, including "downtown" minimalism, "uptown" serialism, free jazz, and punk rock. In addition to investigating the aesthetic and conceptual underpinnings of these genres, we will study their entwinement with venues and institutions such as the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center, the Harlem Cultural Council, the Kitchen, the Black Arts Repertory Theatre and School, the Brooklyn Academy of Music, and CBGB. We will have the chance to visit a number of these spaces. Musicians/composers/artists to be studied include John Cage, Meredith Monk, Ornette Coleman, Milton Babbitt, Laurie Anderson, the Afro-American Singing Theater, Robert Ashley, Philip Glass, the Velvet Underground, Joan La Barbara, Anthony Braxton, Elliott Carter, the Talking Heads, John Zorn, Richard Foreman, Robert Wilson, and Julius Eastman.

Past Offerings

Spring 2016

Day & Time: 
M 4:10pm-6:00pm
620 Dodge