2023 Student Prizes for Composers -- The Boris & Eda Rapoport Prize -- Jessica Roman

The Department of Music is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2023 prizes for distinction in Music Composition, awarded annually to undergraduate and graduate students who demonstrate distinction in the area of Music Composition, as determined by a committee of faculty members in the Composition area.

The Boris & Eda Rapoport Prize

Awarded annually to a junior undergraduate composer who, in the opinion of the Faculty, has demonstrated special merit in composition for chamber ensembles.

Awarded to Jessica Roman (GS)

Jessica Roman is an artist and music composer hailing from Peru and currently based in the city of New York. From a young age, Jessica was immersed in the vibrant sounds of Afro-Peruvian music and captivating film scores, such as those composed by the legendary John Williams, Jessica's passion for both music and the cinematic arts took root during their formative years. Inspired by the collaborative works of Steven Spielberg and John Williams, a lifelong dream was ignited within Jessica—to be part of the filmmaking world.

When not composing, Jessica finds solace and inspiration in various artistic pursuits. They are an avid reader, writer, and painter, exploring different mediums of artistic expression. Their passion for visual storytelling extends to experimental filmmaking and analog photography, as they strive to push the boundaries of creativity.

Throughout their formative years, Jessica received classical training in music theory and mastered multiple instruments, including the violin, charango, piano, acoustic and electric guitar, electric bass, trumpet, and Peruvian percussion. Their dedication to honing their craft led them to spend three years studying music theory and composition at the National Peruvian Conservatory of Music before relocating to New York City.

Following their innovative and experimental focus, Jessica's ensemble works have been premiered by renowned musical groups such as the TAK and PinkNoise ensembles. Their compositions resonate with a distinctive blend of genres and styles, pushing the boundaries of traditional composition and embracing novel sonic landscapes.

In addition to their compositional achievements, Jessica's film scores have been screened in New York, Chicago, and Italy, further solidifying their reputation as a versatile and multifaceted artist.

With a passion for pushing artistic boundaries and a commitment to crafting captivating experiences through music and visual arts, Jessica Roman is poised to make a lasting impact on the creative world.