Arabic Translation of Alessandra Ciucci's Writing Published by the Edition La Croisée des Chemins and the Académie du Royaume du Maroc

The Arabic translation of Alessandra Ciucci's writing on Moroccan professional female singer-dancers (shikhat) and on the musicopoetic genre ‘aiṭa, was published as a collection by the Edition La Croisée des Chemins in partnership with the Académie du Royaume du Maroc.

بأصواتُ العيطة: المرأة، الثقافة و الممارسة الموسيقية التقليدية في المغر (The Voices of ‘Aiṭa: Woman, Culture and Traditional Music Practices in Morocco), was presented at the 2022 edition of the Salon du Livre in Rabat (Morocco). The collection is prefaced by the Moroccan poet and essayist Hassan Najmi and translated by professor Noureddine Zouitni. The collection can be found here.