Ciucci, Chami, Cossermelli Messina and Rubin Awarded Art & Science Equity and Diversity Grant

Alessandra Ciucci, Hicham Chami, Paola Cossermelli Messina and Jessie Rubin were awarded an Art & Science Equity and Diversity Grant for "Decolonizing the Ear: Reimagining 'West Asia' in Asian Music Humanities." The project proposes to reimagine teaching the Music of "West Asia" through the compilation of a bibliography that focuses on local concepts and theories, which have emerged from fieldwork and ethical modes of ethnographic collaboration. The aim of the bibliography is to question the very formation of West Asia as a colonial category and, in turn, to use music and sound as a point of entry for exploring burning questions about a geo-cultural zone where historically determined differences between North and South, West and East are increasingly acute.