Dr. Scott Gray Douglass Publishes Article in International Journal of Music Education

Dr. Scott Gray Douglass (postdoctoral research scholar) has published an article in the International Journal of Music Education entitled "Fishers of Song: Music Education and Community in Andavadoaka, Madagascar."

From the abstract – What might pre-service music teachers learn by stepping outside the formal curriculum? In between semesters student teaching in New York City, I investigated music education practices in the Vezo fishing village of Andavadoaka, Madagascar. By investigating how this community practices advanced musicianship learned primarily outside the classroom, I aimed to understand what formal music educators can do to improve musicianship in our communities.

Read the full article online here:https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.1177/02557614231166142

Many thanks to Columbia Climate School professor Dr. Kristina Douglass for facilitating this ethnographic research! Learn more about her cutting-edge work. Or attend her upcoming (April 30) Columbia samba and capoeira workshop.