Dr. Tyshawn Sorey Performance at Rothko Chapel Profiled by New York Times and the New Yorker

Dr. Tyshawn Sorey (DMA '17) performed for the 50th anniversary of Houston's Rothko Chapel at the end of February. His piece, “Monochromatic Light (Afterlife)," written for the anniversary, was premiered there. The performance was profiled by The New York Times and the New Yorker.

"Monochromatic Light (Afterlife)" hearkens back to Morton Feldman's piece "Rothko Chapel," which was commissioned around the time of the Chapel's opening in 1971. Sorey refers to Feldman as "his hero." Sorey's piece shares many features in common with Feldman's: a chorus holding sustained chords, a venturing viola line, and many sounds produced by different types of percussion.

Congratulations Tyshawn!