Ellie Hisama Publishes Article "Getting to Count"

Professor Ellie Hisama (Music Theory and Historical Musicology) has published "Getting to Count" as an advance article in Music Theory Spectrum.  The article expands her talk delivered as a plenary address at the Society for Music Theory's annual meeting in 2019 and can be found here.

From the abstract: "Drawing on insights about disciplinary constructions of gender and race by women scholars and scholars of color in classics and philosophy, experiences shared by women in music theory, an interview I conducted with composer and theorist Milton Babbitt, and the archive of music theorist and pianist Patricia Carpenter, this article proposes that we rethink what gets to count as music theory, become aware of discriminatory attitudes and behavior towards those who are not men, white, or heterosexual in the field, and take action by reshaping the field into one that supports those who wish to be part of it."

Professor Hisama chaired the Committee on Inclusion and Diversity in the Music Department in its inaugural year, served on the Committee on Equity and Diversity in Arts & Sciences, and was primary author of the Humanities section in the Equity Reports issued by the A&S Policy and Planning Committee.