Gabriela Kumar Sharma Translates Prague's "Stolpersteine - Stumbling Stones: Defiant in Their Memory, 2008 - 2021"

Gabriela Kumar Sharma has translated from English into Czech a publication by the British author Trevor Sage. Stolpersteine - Stumbling Stones: Defiant in Their Memory, 2008 - 2021 was recently published as a tribute to all the victims of the Nazi regime. Stolpersteine, brass-covered paving stones, sit in public spaces in memory of the victims of National Socialism in the years 1933–1945. The publication's Czech version was honored with a foreword written by the Chief Rabbi of the Czech Republic, Karol Efraim Sidon.

In 2018, Trevor Sage decided to clean up all of Prague’s Stolpersteine. He then compiled a catalog of them in the form of a book which contains information about all 466 stones located in Prague up to 2021. In the publication, you will find photographs of the stones, portrait photographs of the victims from the collections of the National Archives, information about deportations from the database, details about transports from the archive, as well as moving life stories of the victims, many told by relatives who kindly contributed to the book. The information contained in this publication will help connect Stolpersteine with each person to whom it is dedicated and thus allow the reader to see into the life and fate of a specific person who became the victim of Nazi ideology.