Kevin Fellezs Organizes Symposium at Columbia Global Center in Beijing

Professor Kevin Fellezs (Music/African-American and African Diaspora Studies) organized a symposium, What’s Up, A-Pop? Re-thinking the Relationships Between/Among Asian and Asian American Popular Music Cultures, that was held at the Columbia Global Center in Beijing on April 20-21, 2019. The symposium featured eight invited popular music scholars from Beijing, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, and the United States. The assembled scholars presented their latest research to initiate a wider discussion on the formation of contemporary Asian and Asian American popular music cultures from both historic as well as ethnographic perspectives, widening the scope given to the relationship between Asia and Asian America in a dynamic twenty-first century TransPacific. The scholars plan on publishing their papers for a special issue of a journal.


Pictured, l-r: Yan Liu (China), Adam Kielman (Hong Kong), Toshiyuki Ohwada (Japan), Sota Takahashi (Japan), Yusuke Wajima (Japan), Hyunjoon Shin (S. Korea), Tunghung Ho (Taiwan), Kevin Fellezs (USA), Takako Inoue (Japan)