Louis Armstrong Jazz Performance Program Profiled in Columbia Magazine

Line drawings of various musicians playing instruments, set against a white background with splashes of pastel colors.

Photo by Greg Betza for Columbia Magazine.

The Louis Armstrong Jazz Performance Program (LAJPP) was profiled by Paul Hond in the Fall 2021 issue of Columbia Magazine. Founded in 2001 by Professor Chris Washburne, the LAJPP has been a stalwart part of the Department of Music's curriculum. The nearly 130 students currently in the program have numerous opportunities to perform on and off campus. Through the efforts of Dr. Washburne, jazz has been a part of the Core Curriculum since 2003.

If you would like to read about the origins of the LAJPP and the hard work Dr. Washburne has put into the program, "20 Years of Jazz Performance at Columbia" is available to read on Columbia Magazine's website.