New Releases by George Lewis

Several new recordings of Professor George Lewis' compositions have been released : The Will To Adorn, with International Contemporary Ensemble; Creative Construction, with Splitter Orchester; Not Alone, with Seth Parker Woods on cello; and Spinner, with Mariel Roberts on cello.

George Lewis, The Will To Adorn, with International Contemporary Ensemble.  Tundra/New Focus Recordings TUN005 (2017)

George Lewis and Splitter Orchester:  Creative Construction SetTM (2015). Mikroton Recordings, mikroton cd 50 (2016)

George Lewis. Not Alone (2014)for cello and electronics; Seth Parker Woods, cello. On Seth Parker Woods: asinglewordisnotenough. Confront Recordings, 2017,

George Lewis, Spinner (2016-17), for cello solo; Mariel Roberts, cello. On Mariel Roberts:  Cartography. Tundra/New Focus Recordings fcr185, 2017