Other Exciting Undergrad Courses for Spring 2020

Here are some of our returning favorites!

Ear Training VI/GU4319/Peter Susser/Monday & Wednesday 12:10 – 01:00 pm

Improvisation as an ear training pedagogy for skills acquisition and general musicianship.  Must have taken ET IV or by permission of the instructor.

Women and Music/UN2500/Alessandra Ciucci/Monday & Wednesday 04:10 – 05:25 pm

This course explores the relationship between women, music, and performance from a thematic and a cross-cultural perspective. Through the analysis of different case studies, we will investigate different topics from the perspective of ethnomusicology, cultural anthropology, and performance studies. A number of critical questions we will consider include: how does a particular gender ideology constructs and is constructed by musical aesthetics? What are some of the critical roles for women in performance?  What is the significance of gender in performances? What does it mean for women to have have and to be the voice? And how is a musical performance bound up with emotions?

The Music of Brahms/UN3138/Walter Frisch/Monday & Wednesday 02:40 – 03:55 pm

Prerequisites: HUMA W1123 or the equivalent, and the ability to read musical notation. Survey of the music of Brahms, examining a wide range of genres as well as his historical and cultural position.