Professor Alessandra Ciucci Interviewed on CaMP Anthropology (Communication, Media and Performance) Blog About Book "The Voice of the Rural"

Professor Alessandra Ciucci was interviewed on the CaMP Anthropology blog about her book The Voice of the Rural. "CaMP" stands for "Communication, Media and Performance."

In the interview, Ciucci describes how her original dissertation research on the vocal timbre of Moroccan female performers (shikhat) led her to the topic of the book: l-ʿarubiyaor the particular essence of the rural countryside, and the relationship between timbral voice and social voice. In particular, she discusses how this relationship is evoked in the experiences of migrant Moroccan men living in Italy. To read more of her thoughts on The Voice of the Rural and her other scholarly works, read the interview here.

Congratulations, Alessandra!