Professor Ellie Hisama at Skidmore College

Professor Ellie Hisama was the 2016 speaker in the Judy Tsou ’75 Music Scholars Series at Skidmore College. During her residency on October 13-14, she visited classes, met with students and faculty, and gave a public lecture titled "Passages: Modernism and Tradition in Transnational American Musics."

The Judy Tsou ’75 Music Scholars Series is to support both formal and informal interaction of music students with prominent music scholars, especially in the interdisciplinary study of class, race, and gender. In grateful recognition for her Skidmore education, Judy Tsou ’75 established this Scholar Series to provide long-term program enhancement for the College's Music Department.  Specifically, the Tsou Scholar Series provides support for the academic work of the Department by inviting distinguished scholars to the Skidmore campus.  Residencies include activities such as campus lectures on scholarly research that will extend academic study of music in our classrooms and intersect with related fields across campus; visits to music classrooms to engage with coursework and academic discussions; and informal interactions with our students including mentoring students (on seminar projects, senior projects and/or post-graduate plans), receptions and meals with students.  The Tsou Series aims to serve as an extension of Skidmore students’ engagement with the scholarly discourse on musical topics and to provide an introduction to prominent scholars and their work.