Professor George Lewis Elected to the Akademie der Künste Berlin

It has been announced that Professor George Lewis has been elected to the Akademie der Künste Berlin. Founded in 1696, the ADK is one of the oldest cultural institutes in Europe. It is an international community of artists and has a current total of more than 396 members in its six Sections (Visual Arts, Architecture, Music, Literature, Performing Arts, Film and Media Arts).

In addition to Professor Lewis, 2022's new members in the Music Section include Georges Aperghis, Malin Bång, Sidney Corbett, Christopher Fox, Stephan Froleyks, Sarah Nemtsov, Kirsten Reese, Trond Reinholdtsen, Annette Schlünz and Chiyoko Szlavnics.  New members were also elected in Visual Arts, Architecture, Literature, and Performing Arts.

Congratulations George!