Professor Zosha Di Castri Co-founds Matricalis, a Web-Hub on Music & Motherhood

Zosha Di CastriOlivia De PratoAllison Loggins-Hulland Alice Teyssier announce the launch of Matricalis, a website and community hub that reflects on the impact of motherhood on individual musicians. Through podcast episodes, collaborative pieces, and open discussions, Matricalis seeks to tackle one of the final “taboos” in the professional music world. Matricalis intends to openly explore the transformative nature of becoming a mother as an artist, considering the profound ways creativity can change, encouraging us towards new ways of thinking and doing. 

Matricalis will hold its first interactive video forum on Sunday, November 14, 2021 at 11:00am ET with the founding members. This event will introduce the team and aspirations of Matricalis, allow participants to ask questions, and tackle the subject of touring with kids (particularly young children). The feedback generated from the participants will instigate further topical focuses for video forums in the future, to which guest-speakers will also be invited to speak.

The founders express, “We hope this website will serve as a network, a community, a platform, a place for creative connection and artistic exchange, a place where we can talk openly and honestly, and make meaningful changes for the future. We are excited about the creation of this wider community; we deserve to share our experiences, support one another, advocate for policy change on local and systemic levels, and to genuinely live our full selves.”